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Sijan’s Awe Inspiring Sculptures Return to Palm Springs Fine Art Fair

MarcSijan-Kneeling-300x300Hyper realist artist Marc Sijan’s sculptures awed onlookers at the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair in 2013. Prepare to be amazed once more as they return for the 2014 edition, February 13 – 16 at the Palm Springs Convention Center.

Following on the heels of Sijan’s headline grabbing success in Miami in December, Peter Marcelle Project is thrilled to once again present one of the world’s most accomplished hyper realist sculptors. Sijan’s figures are so true to life that they appear on the verge of movement. More than one amazed observer has waited in vain, hoping to catch a sigh or a blink.

Sijan’s work has been collected and exhibited throughout North America, Europe and the Middle East. His sculptures have been included in the NYC Armory Show for several years. He has had over sixty one man museum exhibitions, many of which have broken attendance records worldwide, including institutions such as the San Francisco Museum of Art, the Delaware Art Museum, the Cuadro Museum in Dubai and many others.


ILCM – International Life Cast Museum USA – Marc Sijan

Sijan_MarcMarc Sijan is now the leading hyper-realist sculptor working in America. As an internationally renowned American artist with over fifty one-man museum exhibitions, he continues to set attendance records whenever he exhibits his work. Critics have observed of this unique sculpture, “All that’s missing is the pulse” and in the words of senior curator Lou Zona, of the Butler Institute of America, “Sijan truly breathes realism into his sculptures”. Accolades aside, ultimately it is the remarkable human response to Marc Sijan’s cast works that persuade the public to continue their enthusiastic fascination and appreciation with a familiar subject that seems impossible to recreate and unbelievable to ponder. Sijan continues to take us on a fascinating journey of recognizable life-size subjects that amazingly turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Bruce Helander is an artist and curator who also contributes to The New Yorker magazine and ARTnews. He is a White House Fellow of the National Endowment for the Art

This life cast is part of the permanent collection of the I.L.C.M.


Cuadro Museum in Dubai,U.A.E.


Marc Sijan with Sheik Majed Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum tours Sijan’s exhibition at the Cuadro Museum in Dubai, U.A.E.


Rubell Family Collection


Don and Mera Rubell are great fans of Marc’s work.

The Rubell Family Collection of contemporary art is among the largest,edgiest and most important private collections in the world.


Miami Herald

Art Basel: First day of Fairs


Folks flock to the lifelike sculptures of Marc Sijan in the Art Miami tent on Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013. PATRICK FARRELL (Pulitzer Prize winner)/ MIAMI HERALD STAFF

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El Debate

Art Basel Miami


07-12-2013. Visitantes observan la obra “Levitation”, de Marc Sijan, durante Art Miami, exhibición paralela a la feria Art Basel Miami Beach, en Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos de América, el 7 de diciembre de 2013.

Más en: By Jillian Steinhauer.

Making Connections, Seeing Double at Art Miami


Marc Sijan really takes it to a new level with the “Levitation” (see: amazed child in photo). Sijan’s work showed a pretty amazing level of detail and compelling for the amount of craft and skill involved.

Art Southampton 2013

Where Marc Sijan’s resin sculpture, “All American”, was demonstrated, gathered a big crowd. People took pictures of not only an art object but with the art object, too.


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Art Southampton in 7 Artworks


Marc Sijan, All American, resin and oil paint, 68 x 34 x 18 inches (lifesize); courtesy Peter Marcelle Gallery, Bridgehampton.

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Blouin Art Info

ArtBasel Miami Beach

Art Miami Fair 2013 -Homa Nasab for MUSEUMVIEWS Productions - 012

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Palm Springs Life

Sculptures are part of Palm Springs Fine Art Fair at Convention Center

Artist Marc Sijan’s ‘Man in the Box’ exhibit will appear at this weekend’s Palm Springs Fine Arts Fair.”

birthCOURTESY OF PETER MARCELLE GALLERY Marc Sijan’s art may not be real, but try telling that to the guy in the box.

Sijan’s work is recognized as among the world’s most realistic sculptures. His dozens of one man museum exhibitions have broken attendance records throughout the country. His hyper realistic sculptures have been collected and exhibited throughout North America, Europe and the Middle East.

“I am seeking to freeze motion rather than suggest life,” he said. “The sculpture appears passive, but there is so much going on inside.”

kSijan’s sculptures have been described as “homages to humanity’s fascination with its own form, a fascination which has compelled artists throughout the millennia to mirror life in virtually every medium.” His figures are so true to life that they seem to be on the verge of movement, a mere instant away from action.

Sijan works within the tradition of figurative sculpture, but uses a modern approach. His work has been included in the NYC Armory Show for the last two years.

He has had more than 50 one man museum exhibitions, including institutions such as the Delaware Art Museum, the Pritkin Museum, The Butler Institute of American Art, Ulrich Museum of Art, Canton Art Institute and the Cuadro Museum in Dubai.



Avax News

The Armory Art Show Opens In New York

A visitor walks past the life-size sculpture “Security Guard” by Marc Sijan at The Armory Show, New York’s annual international art fair, at Piers 92 and 94 on March 9, 2012 in New York City. The show features paintings, photographs, sculpture and other works of art by artists including Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman and Pablo Picasso. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images).



BEST AT THE ARMORY SHOW: Kaws, Louis Vuitton, Whitfield Lovell

poIt seemed all the action was over Pier 94 which had a focus on Latin America as well as contemporary art.

The crowd there was substantial and festive as we made our way counterclockwise to the booths representing the best of the best in contemporary art.

Artists who caught our eye on both Piers were KAWS, Whitfield Lovell, Nick Cave, Marc Sijan, Nary Ward and Barbarita Cordozo, all of whom used materials as diverse as sneaker tongues and resin to create new, interesting and witty works.

Check out some of our favorites.




The Hyper-Realistic Sculptures of Marc Sijan

This is one of Marc Sijan’s hyperrealistic sculptures that were exhibited in Miami, Florida. Marc Sijan’s Superrealistic sculptures are “homages to humanity’s fascination with its own forms — a fascination which has compelled
artists throughout the millennia to mirror life in virtually every medium.” Sijan’s figures are incredibly lifelike, sensuous and graceful. In fact, they are so lifelike, they seem always on the verge of movement, a mere instant away from action. The pores in the skin, the tiny hairs, and veins; even the bald spots, the blemishes, the individual shapes of the faces that make human beings so similar, yet so unique: These are the essence of what makes Marc Sijan’s work so arresting.



Political American Healthcare Debate Provokes Sculpture

Marc Sijan’s Politically-Fueled “Pre-existing Conditions” to Make Controversial Debut During Art Basel.



Political American Healthcare Debate Provokes Macabre Sculpture


MIAMI, FL–(Marketwire – December 2, 2009) – American artist Marc Sijan’s sculptural work, “Pre-existing Conditions,” is a shocking, hyper-realistic, life-sized cast of a deceased victim who was failed by the labyrinth of the American healthcare system. Covered up by a generic bed sheet, the sculptured character is a controversial and tragic example of the real people discarded and forgotten during the seemingly endless political healthcare debate. Premiering December 3, 2009 at the renowned Miami Art Space in the Wynwood Art District of Miami, Florida, this thought-provoking sculpture is certain to be the most controversial and memorable piece viewed in conjunction with Art Basel Miami Outraged by the state of medical coverage, the polyester-resin work serves as a metaphor for the insurance cartel who he feels is strongly opposed to a competitive public option, regularly rejects health care claims, especially pre-existing health conditions, and an industry that has deemed those conditions acceptable reasons for denying critical care. Over 30,000 people in America die annually because of the inability to receive affordable health care or because of exclusionary clauses built into their insurance policies. While “Pre-existing Conditions” is a polyester- resin cast sculpture, the impression it leaves is definitively real. Throughout history, artists have been utilizing their work as a distinguished, creative voice to initiate a dialogue with others, stimulate physiological and political discussion and in some ways, redefine or redirect history. Marc Sijan has spent the last forty years of his illustrative career examining and recreating the very believable idiosyncratic aspects of the human condition. The artist has been producing magical, hyper-realistic life-sized sculptures of figures from everyday life that provide the viewer with a powerful and unforgettable illusion. From a security guard standing at attention to a homeless man lying on a cardboard bed at street level, Sijan has become one of the best known living figurative sculptors of his generation. In his most recent series of works, Sijan has dug deep into illustrating the emotional and sometimes upsetting aspects of the lives of ordinary people facing serious challenges that we all recognize. Picasso’s legendary painting, titled “Guernica,” depicted the horror and destruction of war on a small town in Spain, George Grosz and most recently, the prominent Colombian artist, Fernando Botero, presented a shocking and controversial exhibition of paintings at New York’s Marlborough Gallery, which dramatically revealed the secret torture and grave mistreatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib. Artists in the future will no doubt continue their visual commentary that responds to current events, whether patriotic or divisive. About the Artist: Marc Sijan lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and received his professional training at the University of Wisconsin. The artist’s sculpture has been the subject of over 100 museum exhibitions in the United States, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Albany Museum of Art (Albany, Georgia), Berman Museum of Art
(Pennsylvania) and the Southwest Art Museum (Midland, Texas), and in Europe, including at the Galeria Clave in Murcia, Spain. His most recent show at the Sausalito Art Festival in California was awarded first place in sculpture and “Best in Show” out of over 200 exhibiting artists from around the country. Sijan’s recent series of new works last year received international attention and press at Cuadro Fine Art Gallery (the largest art facility in the mid-east) in Dubai, UAE, and was unilaterally voted as the most visited art exhibition in recent memory, including rare public visits by Sheik Mohammad, the leader of Dubai. An exhibition of the artist’s work is also currently on view at the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio.

Bruce Helander